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Formula 1 2013–GP Preview


The 2013 Grand Prix season is upon us and excitement is starting to build ahead of what is expected to be one of the closest championships in the history of the sport.

Fernando Alonso came within 3 points of pulling off a remarkable championships victory in 2012, in what was generally considered to be an inferior car. However, he was unable to stop Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel taking a third consecutive driver’s crown.

In this review conducted by MoneySuperMarket.com over 50% of survey respondents believe that Alonso will take that long awaited third title in 2013, with reigning champion Vettel next up on the list with 26.3% of the overall vote. Perhaps the most surprising championship tip came from Ben Sweeney, who predicted that Felipe Massa would continue his resurgence in form and give his Ferrari team-mate a run for his money this season.

Red Bull is the red-hot favourites to retain the constructor’s championship crown for a fourth consecutive season, with 66.7% of respondents predicting they will come out on top.

Take a peek at the numbers here: