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Massa criticise F1 medical response in Monaco


Felipe Massa criticised the reaction to his Monaco grand prix crash during the drivers’ briefing ahead of this weekend’s race in Canada.

Felipe_Massa-Press_ConferenceThat is the claim of Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport, reporting that the Ferrari driver was disappointed in the aftermath of his Ste-Devote crash that left him with a sore neck in the wake of an earlier, near-identical high speed incident. “It took 13 minutes for the ambulance to get there,” the Brazilian is quoted as saying. “Then I had to climb over fences to get to it.”

The frustrated 32-year-old was speaking in Montreal on Saturday, where he had yet another high speed crash, his third in the space of two weeks. “It’s like a movie plot,” Massa groaned to Brazil’s Totalrace. O Estado de S.Paulo newspaper quoted him as saying the crash hurt “not physically, but psychologically”. “I’m very upset about what happened and I got out of the car very angry because I don’t remember anything like this happening in my career — three accidents so close to one another,” he said.

His second crash in Monaco was caused by a suspension failure, but on Saturday Massa accepted the blame for his latest incident. “My time was not good and so I was risking everything and ended up risking too much and braking on the white line,” he said. “It was all or nothing.”

Reportedly pushing for a new contract for 2014, Massa denied that his recent crashes have hurt his standing with Ferrari. “We are a team,” he insisted. “We win and lose together. “There are situations where it is not the drivers’ fault, maybe it’s the car or the strategy, but it’s all teamwork,” said Massa.

Info: GMM, Image: Ferrari