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Vettel believes in Red Bull’s ability to challenge world championship


Despite a rocky start to the season for Red Bull, which has involved Sebastian Vettel colliding with HRT driver Narain Karthikeyan, the current world champion still has confidence in his team’s ability to challenge for a third consecutive world title. 

We have become used to Vettel challenging for race wins, but so far this season he has failed to make much of an impact in the opening two races, with only 18 points to Alonso’s 35 and Hamilton’s 30.

But the German driver is determined to not be bogged down by the team’s poor start to the season and be optimistic about what they can pull off in the rest of 2012:

“I admit, the first two races weren’t exactly perfect but they weren’t that bad either. We proved we can able to compete with the strongest teams and that’s very important. We now have 18 more races ahead of us and we will do all we can to defend our titles. I have total faith in the team, the car and myself. There’s still much for us to do, but together as a team we can accomplish anything.”

It’s easy to start writing off Vettel and Red Bull for their title chances this season, but as Sebastian said himself, there’s still another eighteen races to go, which is plenty of time for the Milton Keynes team to turn things around in their favour.

Source: Red Bull Racing

  • dean

    now let’s face it red bull had great cars in the past two years and rb8 is not that bad, they are just a bit of the pace, let’s see what happend in china i bet vettel will be on attack

  • i don’t. they dont have the best car, the ham and the but do. and vettel has won enough already. let someone else please. dont me schumacher 2

    • I also don’t like vettel. He’s a spoiled brat and hugelly overrated. cry baby!