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Williams ready for Monaco despite fire


Despite the fire that spoilt Williams’ celebrations of their first race win in eight years a week ago, the team confirm they are ready for Monaco.

The fire, which started around two hours after the race ended, and is believed to have been caused by a KERS issue, destroyed many car parts, as well as IT equipment. It also sadly injured many personnel.

But despite their eventful Sunday, Williams engineering chief Mark Gillan confirms that they are ready to fight for their second win of the season, largely due to the help of their supplies and other teams too:

“The team’s preparations for Monaco have been somewhat hampered by last Sunday’s garage fire, but the impact of the fire has been mitigated by what can only be described as a Herculean effort by the factory and our suppliers to restock both the damaged equipment and car parts.

We would also like to thank the generous offers of help from the other teams, highlighting once more the excellent sportsmanship that exists in Formula 1 and high levels of comradery throughout the pitlane.”

It’s great to see rival teams going out of their way to help Williams, and this shows that despite the competitive nature of the sport, teams respect each other and are willing to offer help when disastrous events such as the fire occur.

William’s also say that they have some upgrades for this weekend, which should help their cause for another race win.

“With further upgrades coming to this event we are hopeful that we can continue to make decent progress and look forward to a good weekend”

Source: Autosport