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Poll: The 2012 Bahrain Grand Prix


In this edition, we ask you to rate the 2012 Bahrain Grand Prix.

Despite much controversy, the 2012 Bahrain Grand Prix did go ahead today as planned, and protests did not disrupt the race.

In a race that saw Sebastian Vettel take his first Grand Prix win of the year, Lewis Hamilton’s tyre change problem cost him several places, and both Lotus F1 drivers standing on the podium, we ask you to rate the event out of five stars.

Please vote in our poll below, and if you want to share your thoughts on the race in the comments section!

Image: Red Bull Racing

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  • bbc coverage of it sucked! was probably a good race but i only saw 50 minutes of it. at one point they just skipped 10 laps!

  • John

    all things considered, great race, it would have been a shame not to have it

    • itsmeharold1977

      Was a lot better than the usually poor bahrain races