Niki Lauda

Formula 1 is now an "engine formula&qu...

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The sport might now be called “formula engine”, at least in the early phase of 2014, according to Mercedes’ Niki Lauda. The German marque has

Mercedes GP increased its budget to succeed...

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Niki Lauda has admitted Mercedes upped its F1 budget in the quest to chase down the sport’s top teams. As the German marque looks set

Lauda dismissed claims that Mercedes is set...

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Niki Lauda has dismissed claims Mercedes is set to dominate the 2014 season because the German carmaker spent more on its new turbo V6 ‘power

Lauda confirms no freeze delay for Renault

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Niki Lauda has confirmed that Renault’s F1 rivals opposed a move to delay the 2014 engine performance ‘freeze’. Although denied by the embattled French marque,

Lauda admits Mercedes is in the best shape ...

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Even team chairman Niki Lauda thinks Mercedes has “the edge” over its rivals after the opening test at Jerez. Although teams were not focusing on

Lauda hits back at Bernie’s outburst ...

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Niki Lauda has hit back at Bernie Ecclestone’s attack on Mercedes and F1’s new, greener and quieter era. In an outburst last week against the

Brawn is Mercedes number 1 – Lauda

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After Ross Brawn’s clear quit threat, Mercedes chairman Niki Lauda says the 58-year-old Briton is still “number 1” at Brackley. Amid rumours Brawn could leave

Lauda happy that Mercedes decided to replac...

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Replacing Michael Schumacher with Lewis Hamilton was the right thing for Mercedes. That is the claim not only of F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone, but