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Alonso not commenting on Pirelli tyres chan...

Jul 16, 2013No Comments

Fernando Alonso has refused to criticise the sequence of mid-season changes to the construction of Pirelli’s 2013 tyres. Before Silverstone, F1’s Italian supplier wanted to

Hamilton blaming Pirelli for ruining his ti...

Jul 09, 2013No Comments

Lewis Hamilton says Pirelli’s tyres are ruining his shot at the 2013 title. “I’m not really thinking about the championship now,” said the Nurburgring pole

Pirelli blames the teams for Silverstone bl...

Jul 03, 2013No Comments

Pirelli has shifted the blame for the tyre-exploding chaos of last weekend’s British grand prix. F1’s Italian supplier insists its 2013 tyres “do not compromise

Pirelli changes tyres before Silverstone

Jul 03, 2013No Comments

F1’s tyre scandal could be set to deepen yet further, as a Spanish sports newspaper claims Pirelli – already under reprimand for ‘test-gate’ – blatantly

More problems for Pirelli after Silverstone...

Jun 30, 2013No Comments

F1’s intense heat on Pirelli only got hotter on Sunday, as the British grand prix took place amid shards of exploding tyre rubber. Lewis Hamilton,

Pirelli is set to remain F1’s officia...

Jun 25, 2013No Comments

Amid growing rumours Michelin could return to the grid, Paul Hembery on Tuesday announced that Pirelli is in fact set to remain F1’s official tyre

Most Formula 1 teams have contracts with Pi...

Jun 24, 2013No Comments

Most formula one teams have deals in place with Pirelli beyond 2013, according to a respected correspondent. Bernie Ecclestone told F1 business journalist Christian Sylt

Ecclestone has Pirelli 2014 contract

Jun 21, 2013No Comments

Amid the ‘test-gate’ storm and uncertainty about the future, Bernie Ecclestone has revealed that Pirelli “has a contract” beyond 2013. Until now, with the Italian