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Toto Wolff trusts Pirelli to act fairly

May 22, 2013No Comments

Toto Wolff says he trusts Pirelli to act fairly to all formula one teams. Mercedes and Red Bull have been the most vocal about the

Pirelli tyre changes less dramatic than hop...

May 21, 2013No Comments

Motorsport director Paul Hembery told Reuters that the Italian company would find a solution that all teams could agree on without the outcome having a

Canada might not get new tyres from Pirelli

May 20, 2013No Comments

Pirelli’s planned changes to its controversial tyres for Canada and beyond are now under a dark cloud. Media reports, including by Marco Canseco in the

Lauda welcomes Pirelli tyre tweaks

May 17, 2013No Comments

Niki Lauda has hailed Pirelli’s move to alter the design of its 2013 tyres ahead of the Canadian grand prix next month and beyond. Lotus,

Eric Boullier is disappointed with Pirelli&...

May 16, 2013No Comments

Eric Boullier has revealed Lotus is “a little disappointed” with Pirelli’s decision to change its 2013 tyres mid-season. Amid the media furore and the complaining

Horner keeps bashing Pirelli tyres

May 15, 2013No Comments

Pirelli has denied claims it is making major changes to its 2013 tyre design as a result of the pressure applied by world champions Red

Pirelli tyres to blame for some teams strug...

Apr 21, 2013No Comments

Pirelli’s new 60 per cent scale wind tunnel tyres could be to blame for some teams’ troubles in 2013, according to a technical expert. Top

Pirelli deal for 2014 still in doubt

Apr 20, 2013No Comments

Paul Hembery has in Bahrain denied Bernie Ecclestone’s claim that a new deal for Pirelli is “all done” for 2014. The Italian marque’s initial three-year