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Michael Schumacher

Schumacher medical records suspect commits ...

Aug 07, 2014No Comments

The Michael Schumacher camp is “stunned and shocked” as the story of the F1 legend’s skiing crash and recovery took a tragic twist this week.

Mercedes not ending contract with Schumache...

Aug 04, 2014No Comments

Mercedes has vowed to stick with Michael Schumacher as the F1 legend continues his recovery from a skiing fall last December. In June, as Schumacher

Zanardi looking forward to Schumacher&rsquo...

Jul 01, 2014No Comments

Alex Zanardi, horrifically and near-fatally injured in 2001, has wished his old rival Michael Schumacher well. Three times during their respective racing careers, the Italian

One of Schumacher’s sponsors is endin...

Jun 23, 2014No Comments

One of Michael Schumacher’s personal sponsors is ending its deal with the embattled F1 legend. For years, advertising campaigns for the bottled mineral water brand

Mercedes will not remove fight stickers fro...

Jun 19, 2014No Comments

The words ‘Keep fighting Michael’ are to remain on Mercedes’ dominant F1 car. The German squad – F1 legend Michael Schumacher’s last grand prix team

Schumacher condition not as good as hoped

Jun 18, 2014No Comments

The hospital in Lausanne, Switzerland, has admitted F1 legend Michael Schumacher could be there for the “long haul”. News that the great German had left

Schumacher leaves Grenoble hospital, not in...

Jun 16, 2014No Comments

News on Monday that Michael Schumacher is out of his coma and hospital met a mixed reaction. Overwhelmingly, the response was positive, with figures like

Schumacher moved within Grenoble hospital

Jun 13, 2014No Comments

Michael Schumacher has been moved to a special rehabilitation unit at the hospital in Grenoble, according to the German weekly newsmagazine Bunte. Last week, a