Pirelli asked to compile a thorough “...

May 31, 2013No Comments

The FIA has asked Pirelli to compile a thorough “dossier” ahead of an international tribunal hearing regarding the secret Mercedes test, according to Kleine Zeitung

Toto Wolff refuses to talk about tyres test...

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Mercedes director and team co-owner Toto Wolff is refusing to say he is worried about potential penalties as a result of the secret Pirelli tyre

Mercedes tyre test saga continues and plot ...

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The furore over Mercedes’ secret Pirelli test looks set to deepen, as rival teams claim they were not informed by F1’s tyre supplier.  As it

Penalties might roll out against Mercedes f...

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The FIA is not ruling out penalties, after stewards investigated this Sunday Mercedes “secret” tyre test in Barcelona. Just before the Monaco grand prix, Red

Pirelli starting to lose patience over 2014...

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Pirelli is starting to indicate that it can leave Formula 1. Since the beginning of the 2013 Formula 1 World Championship the Italian tyre company

Force India will block any tyre changing de...

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Force India will oppose any move to alter Pirelli’s existing 2013 tyres. It has emerged in the Monaco paddock that, following the controversial reaction to

Only rear tyres to be tweaked from Canada o...

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The ‘T-word’ was still the big topic of conversation as the F1 world congregated in Monaco on Wednesday. But the big paddock whisper is that

Toto Wolff trusts Pirelli to act fairly

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Toto Wolff says he trusts Pirelli to act fairly to all formula one teams. Mercedes and Red Bull have been the most vocal about the