Mercedes pushing to test at Silverstone

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Ferrari looks set to drop its plans to run rookies at the forthcoming young drivers test. Previously, only drivers with little experience were eligible to

Pirelli blames the teams for Silverstone bl...

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Pirelli has shifted the blame for the tyre-exploding chaos of last weekend’s British grand prix. F1’s Italian supplier insists its 2013 tyres “do not compromise

Pirelli changes tyres before Silverstone

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F1’s tyre scandal could be set to deepen yet further, as a Spanish sports newspaper claims Pirelli – already under reprimand for ‘test-gate’ – blatantly

Race drivers will be allowed to test at Sil...

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Formula 1 race drivers will be allowed to take part in the forthcoming young driver test as an emergency measure to help Pirelli overcome its

Rosberg has held on to his victory

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British Grand Prix winner Nico Rosberg has held on to his victory and escaped with a reprimand after being found guilty of speeding under yellow

More problems for Pirelli after Silverstone...

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F1’s intense heat on Pirelli only got hotter on Sunday, as the British grand prix took place amid shards of exploding tyre rubber. Lewis Hamilton,

British GP Race – Results

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Nico Rosberg wins the British Grand Prix. It was an incredible afternoon at Silverstone with tyres on the spotlight once again. Safety car was called

No new tyres for Silverstone and beyond

Jun 11, 2013No Comments

Pirelli has called off its plans to change the design of its 2013 tyres for the British grand prix and beyond. F1’s sole tyre supplier