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Rosberg has held on to his victory


British Grand Prix winner Nico Rosberg has held on to his victory and escaped with a reprimand after being found guilty of speeding under yellow flags midway through the race.

Nico_Rosberg-British_GP-PodiumRosberg was called in front of the stewards two hours after the race but emerged smiling after receiving nothing more than a reprimand for his offence. The Mercedes driver had been clocked speeding under yellows between turns three to five at 14:06 during the race and the stewards said there was “no evidence of a significant reduction in speed that is required under Article (b) of Appendix H of the International Sporting Code”.

  The stewards have various penalties available to them but decided to issue a reprimand, which is consistent with the penalty Mark Webber received during first practice in Canada this year for a similar offence. The decision was made after the stewards reviewed video evidence and telemetry.

Info: ESPN EMEA Ltd. Image: Daimler.com

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