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DRS zones and rules confirmed for Australia


  FIA has confirmed this Wednesday the two Drag Reduction System zones (in short DRS) that are to be use in the first Formula1 race of the season.

Australia_2011-Season_Start  As expected, the first zone will be located on the start-finish line before entering the first corner, while the second zone is located on a second straight line that connects corners 2 and 3. Even if they are using two distinct DRS zones, FIA ​​has decided to implement a single detection point, which is located just before turn 14.

  This will be the first time when the pilots will have two DRS zones in Melbourne, while the idea  with a single detection point  was carried over from 2011 when it was used successfully for the Canadian and European Grand Prix.
  At the time, this approach was criticized by most pilots, because it was giving an extra advantage to the pilot found in pursuit: he could use the first DRS zone to pass the car in front and then using the second zone he could increase he’s advantage while the car being passed would have no means to defend.

  Using just one DRS zone in Melbourne proved to be ineffective, and failed to produce the results that everyone wanted to see, so introducing a second zone was the natural decision for FIA. The McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton has welcomed the decision: “I think that a second DRS zone will be a real benefit. Last year, the start-finish line was not enough to overtake, but I think we will have greater benefits because of the two zones.” the Briton said.

Albert Park Circuit diagram with the 2 DRS Zones, image by FIA:


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