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Ferrari gets 50 Mil bonus for signing the Concorde Agreement


According to German publication Der Spiegel Ferrari will get an 50 millions annual bonus just to sign the new Concorde Agreement.

Ferrari-Front  Ferrari, Red Bull and McLaren are the three Formula1 big teams that will benefit the most for signing the new Concorde Agreement proposed by Bernie Ecclestone for 2013-2020.

German publication Der Spiegel published this week an article in which it reveals that Ferrari will get no less than 50 millions USD annually thanks to the complex bonuses system in the agreement while McLaren and Red Bull will get 35 mil. each.

The other teams that have signed the agreement were: Force India, Lotus, Toro Rosso and Sauber. These teams will not get any money in bonuses like Ferrari, Red Bull and McLaren but will receive a share deducted from TV rights according with the position that they will have on the grid at the end of the season.

The biggest names missing from the accord are Mercedes AMG and Williams. Mercedes Team is very unhappy that Ecclestone did not consider them wordy of getting also a share in bonuses after they invested huge amounts of money into the sport while also providing engines for McLaren and Force India and being a major player in the competition.

A spokesman for Daimler (the Mercedes mother company) also expressed their frustration with the other teams (McLaren, Ferrari)  for not having a transparent policy about the terms of the current Concorde Agreement: “It is unacceptable the lack of transparency from our business partner regarding a contract that will be valid until 2020”.

Info: Der Spiegel Image: Ferrari

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