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New suspension for Mercedes in Monaco


In an article posted recently on Omnicours.it it has been revealed that Mercedes are working hard on a heavily revised rear suspension package as well as on new brake intakes for the next race in Monaco.

Mercedes-GP-New_Monaco_SuspesionMercedes GP is desperate to prolong the life with these generations of Pirelli tyres and Aldo Costa is working with his team flat out in Brackley to try and turn the Silver Arrows season around.
The W04 has a lot of potential and three consecutive poles in the last three races (as well as a 1-2 in Spain) prove just that, but come Sunday it is not able to maintain its rear tyres over the course of the race.

Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of Mercedes, is not impressed with silver arrows race pace,  and doesn’t like to see the W04 after exciting performances in qualifying, trudging in the race for the inability to manage the rear tyre degradation.

In Monaco, is the debut of a new rear suspension, which, together with new intakes for the brakes, should be part of a package of innovations that are designed precisely to ensure a longer life of the Pirelli tyres.

Needless to say that the German squad is counting on the new system to help and turn its season around.

If I were a betting man then I will chose Mercedes for a win in Monaco and go with www.freebets.org.uk to secure a solid cash prize. Furthermore, even  Alonso tips them to be very strong contenders on the narrow and twisted circuit of Monaco.

Info & Image: Omnicours.it

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