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Ramirez: Perez remains a “child”.


Former team manager Jo Ramirez says Mexican countryman Sergio Perez needs to learn to deal with the media now that he has joined McLaren for 2013.

Sergio_Perez-with_Felipe_CalderonRamirez, who worked for years at McLaren and is now 71, has a particular interest in Perez’s switch from Sauber, given his long-time role as friend and advisor to the 22-year-old. He confirmed recently that, when Perez was a teenager, he introduced him to McLaren’s team management, who have now signed him as the departing Lewis Hamilton’s successor.

Ramirez claims he also played a role in convincing McLaren to take the Telmex-backed Mexican on board. "When I heard that Lewis was not very happy at McLaren and the relations between Lewis and Ron Dennis were a bit fragile, and that Martin actually had a good eye for Sergio, then I sort of started to move the ball around and fusillade Martin with emails and that," he said. But Ramirez admitted that, in some ways, Perez remains a "child". "As a driver he’s full of confidence," he is quoted by the Sun. "Where he has to learn a lot, especially going to a team like McLaren, he doesn’t much like the press."

Indeed, Perez caused a stir late this season when – prior to the official announcement – he revealed that his replacement at Sauber will be Esteban Gutierrez. Insiders, and even McLaren’s Martin Whitmarsh, have acknowledged that Perez has much to learn. Ramirez said: "The minute he sees a press guy, he runs. So he has to learn that. In a team like McLaren he has to be good to the press."

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