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RB8 more elegant than Ferrari F2012 says Helmut Marko


  Very soon after the Ferrari F2012 has been introduced to the public, Helmut Mark step forward and said that Red Bull solution to the new rules is a lot more elegant that what Ferrari introduced, and to be quite honest here so far from all the cars introduced only Caterham CT01 has an “uglier” nose than Ferrari.

Caterham_CT01 McLaren_MP4-27 Force_India-VJM05 Ferrari_F2012_Stils-01

  Marko confirmed yesterday that Red Bull has found “better technical solutions” in order to comply with the new FIA directive that states the the nose of the car can be no higher than 55cm from the ground.

  "We have a technical solution that looks much better than the F2012. Our car is not as ugly as the Ferrari. But it’s not like the McLaren, which is not so pronounced that leap on the nose. Ours is a bit smaller and looks better, "says Dr. Marko who wanted to clarify that his team has once again hit gold in the base design of 2012 car.

  Ferrari remain completely silent in response to Marko declarations but there are Italian sources who see these one way to belittle the work done by the Scuderia Ferrari so let’s wait until 14.00h when all will be revealed.

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