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Timo Glock prepared to stay with Marussia in 2013


Timo Glock has counted himself out of this year’s driver ‘silly season’.

Timo_Glock-Marussia_F1_TeamTheoretically, there are 2013 race seats up for grabs at teams including grandees Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes. But Timo Glock, whose career has floundered at the back of the grid since Toyota pulled out of the sport three years ago, suggested to German website motorsport-total.com that he remains committed to Marussia.

When asked if he is watching the 2013 driver market very carefully, the 30-year-old answered in the negative, because "I know how my future looks". Asked specifically if that means he is already under contract to his current team for a fourth consecutive season in 2013, Glock answered: "Yes, correct." As for whether he would answer his phone if the boss of another team tried to call him, he admitted: "No matter who it is, I always politely answer the phone!"

The German might however be forgiven for regretting his decision to turn down an offer from the then Renault team at the end of 2009. Although the Enstone based squad – now Lotus – is fielding one of the very best cars in 2012, the team’s future was very clouded three years ago. So Glock instead signed with Virgin, now Marussia. "No. In the same situation, I would do the same now," he insisted when asked about his Renault snub.

But has he ever wondered how his career might have panned out differently, had he taken a punt and signed with Renault/Lotus? "No, never. If I make a decision, and I know why I made the decision, then there’s no point whining or wondering ‘what if’ afterwards. "Only I know the situation as it was then, no one else (does). So what I decided was absolutely correct," insisted Glock.

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