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United Kingdom MP calls for Bahrain GP to be cancelled


A United Kingdom MP has joined Damon Hill’s call for the Bahrain Grand Prix to be cancelled.

Richard Burden, Labour MP for Birmingham Northfield, said that it is not right for F1 to “collude in presenting to the outside world a cocooned picture of normality at the Bahrain International Circuit”. He added that holding the race in Bahrain could create long-term damage to the reputation of F1 and motorsport in general.

The growing concern over this month’s GP will increase the pressure on the FIA to reconsider their position. A cancellation of the event altogether will be the second year in a row that the Grand Prix has failed to materialise.

Although the FIA could decide on changing the date of the event to later in the year, the already crowded season makes it very difficult to find a new weekend to reschedule the event. Combine this with the fact that there is no guarantee that the civil unrest will be over in time, and the FIA have a very difficult decision.

Source: Huffington Post

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