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Bahrain race given the green light by FIA


We can debate whether the Grand Prix should happen, but according to the FIA, it will.

The Formula One governing body confirmed today that the Bahrain Grand Prix is still set to go ahead next weekend despite civil unrest in the country. Last year the race was suspended due to the unrest. It was rescheduled for later in the year, but that was called off also.

There are many arguments for and against the race being held, one of them being safety concerns. But the FIA has tried to reassure everyone involved that there will be no issues with security:

“Based on the current information the FIA has at this stage, it is satisfied that all the proper security measures are in place for the running of a Formula One World Championship event in Bahrain. Therefore, the FIA confirms that the 2012 Gulf Air F1 Grand Prix of Bahrain will go ahead as scheduled.”

Is this the end of the debate? Probably not, but you can still vote in our poll below:

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