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FOTA hands decision over Bahrain Grand Prix into FIA’s hands


It seems that no one wants responsibility for deciding the fate of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

The Formula One Team’s Association are unwilling to accept that they can decide on whether the race goes ahead due to the continued unrest in the country. FOTA believe that the decision lies with the FIA.

The “will it or will it not go ahead” story has been making national headline news, and time is running out for a yes or no decision.

FOTA made the following statement about the grand prix:

“There’s been some media speculation recently to the effect that the teams may seek to cancel this year’s Bahrain Grand Prix. That wouldn’t be possible. Teams are unable to cancel grands prix. We race in an international series called the FIA Formula 1 World Championship, and it is therefore for the FIA to offer the teams guidance on these issues”

The continued question mark over the race is getting very tiring, and we wish that someone would make a decision on the race as soon as possible to put the story to rest.

Source: Autosport


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