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McLaren changes pit crew members


After the recent problems in the last grands prix McLaren Mercedes felt the need to make some changes to the pit crew line-up.

McLaren-PitCrewThe team boss Martin Whitmarsh launched a full scale investigation after the Bahrain race where problems with fitting of the wheels have resurfaced during important/crucial pit stops.

Lewis Hamilton said: “We have to try and make sure we pick up on them (the problems) for the next race because we can’t afford to lose points like we did.”

The blame at this point was attributed to the wheel-gun operator but Whitmarsh insisted that McLaren will also check the equipment and the whole procedure as well as the approach of how a pit stop is conducted in order to prevent future problems.

Speaking to the press yesterday he said: “We have looked at what we are doing and have made some changes to the team and the process and we’ll see them on Sunday in Barcelona.”

Despite the heat felt by the deposed wheel-gun operator, Whitmarsh reveals he was “astounded” by the number of McLaren mechanics who put their hands up to replace him.

“It reflects well on the spirit of the team. There’s been a reasonable amount of practice and we’ll see at the weekend. I believe we’ll have good stops,” he concluded.

Info & Image: © McLaren Mercedes

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