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Mercedes back Schumacher’s view on Pirelli tyres


It seems that the story on the 2012 Pirelli tyres will never end.

Nico Rosberg, Mark Webber, Michael Schumacher, and even we have shared our opinions on the F1 tyres, and the Mercedes team have now made their official view clear.

The Mercedes team have come out to support Michael Schumacher’s view that the Pirelli tyres this year simply aren’t up to scratch for Formula 1.

Michael has been critical of the Italian rubber, complaining that they are preventing drivers from racing their cars to the max in order to preserve tyres. Mercedes’s F1 CEO Nick Fry understands there are different opinions on the issue:

“I think the real question is one of philosophy as opposed to whether the tyres are good, bad or indifferent. Pirelli are more than capable of making tyres to any specification and they have been guided to make the tyres we have at the moment. I think I have seen some debate in the media about whether that is the right route for F1 and whether the tyres should be durable enough for the drivers to drive flat out for the whole race.”

Fry acknowledged that Rosberg had a different view on the tyres, but has no issue with the difference in opinion. However, Fry is open that Mercedes share Schumacher’s opinion:

“From a team point of view we have no issue that one driver has a particular point of view and the other driver has another point of view and I think that is a good healthy debate and I think it is a question for Formula 1 whether we need the tyres we have or whether, as in history, you have tyres that you can drive flat out on all the time.

I think that is a question for the teams and the organisers to answer and we support Michael on having a strong point of view on this. It may not be a point of view that other driver share but it is a perfectly valid and intelligent point of view.”

Source: Autosport

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