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New F1 era “far to expensive” – Head


F1’s new turbo era is “far too expensive”, according to Williams co-founder and former technical boss Patrick Head.

2011 British Grand Prix The 67-year-old Briton told the BBC he thinks the sport has taken a wrong turn in focusing too much on road-relevant hybrid technology. “I think it should be more about the drivers and more about entertainment on the track,” said Head. “The road car people are doing a perfectly good job on hybrid anyway at the moment,” he added. “I’m not sure that it needs formula one to demonstrate hybrid technology.” And he thinks the main problem is the cost of the engines to the teams. “You could produce 800 horse power for 2 million euros a team each year. I think the teams are having to pay about ten times that amount,” said Head.

“It’s a very expensive way of powering formula one cars. “I think the engines are fascinating pieces of kit, but I think they are far too expensive for what they are supposed to be doing.” With a similar view is former F1 team boss Flavio Briatore, who said F1 began to turn the wrong corner due to the disproportionate influence of engineers. “Is it realistic to design seventy different wings in one season?” he is quoted by Italy’s La Stampa. “Just so these engineers can come to orgasm? “Unfortunately,” said Briatore, “with the abolition of FOTA, a free hand was given to people with no sense of proportion.”

Image: Williams

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