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Rosberg praises 2012 Pirelli tyres


Maybe Nico Rosberg read our article, but the German Mercedes driver has expressed his approval for the 2012 Pirelli tyres.

Tyres have played a major role in the 2012 F1 season so far and tyre strategy appears to never have been so key to success.

After the Bahrain GP, Michael Schumacher expressed his frustration with the tyres, claiming that they were not good for Formula 1.

But his teammate has other ideas, believing that instead of impacting the sport in a negative way, they have just made it a “different game”.

“We have seen already this year that when you go from one condition to another, one racetrack to another, one temperature to another… different cars are better on the tyres, so there’s a very big engineering challenge to understand why, to adapt and to try and be the one to understand the tyres best. That can be a very big key for the season, so we’re pushing hard to try and understand that quicker than others. Personally, I think it’s great for the season. We’ve had four winners in four races, [so it is] all mixed up. It couldn’t be better for Formula 1. Also within the races, with the tyre degradation and with lots of overtaking, we’ve had lots of exciting races.”

Rosberg then talked about the pace of the W03 car, claiming that the team had a lot of work to do to ensure that the team can replicate the speed advantage they experienced in China:

“Well we’re not the best yet, so of course we still need to improve in various areas. I think we’ve progressed a lot recently; we were far off in the first race in Australia and even in the most difficult conditions in Bahrain we were there or thereabouts, beating, for example, McLaren and Ferrari. So we’re looking much better, progressing in the right direction. We were the fastest car in China all weekend so we’re moving forward very quickly.”

Source: Autosport

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