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Mercedes DRS protest by Lotus rejected by FIA


One of the biggest talking points so far this season has been about Mercedes’ rear ring design.

When Schumacher or Rosberg activate their DRS device, air is redirected from the rear wing to the front wing, improving straight line speed and handling. This advantage has especially been apparent during qualifying where DRS is unrestricted and the W03 has been very competitive, with Schumacher qualifying 3rd last time around.

Whenever teams design new ways of improving the speed of their cars, other teams are always quick to question their legality. One of those teams this time around is Lotus, who have had their protest rejected by the FIA today.

The FIA stewards unanimously rejected the protest, which means that Mercedes can continue to use their clever design this weekend.

It’s unlikely this will be the end of the story however. More protests are likely until the rest of the field design their own version of the system, although doing so may not be so easy.

Source: BBC Sport

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