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Poll: To Bahrain or not to Bahrain?


That is the question. Here at The Formula 1 Blog, we thought it was time to give you the opportunity to share your views on different topics in a new series called Your Thoughts. In this edition, we want to hear whether you think next weekend’s Grand Prix in Bahrain should get the go ahead.

Last year the opening race of the Formula 1 season in Bahrain was suspended due to unrest in the country. The F1 race was rescheduled for later in the year but that was called off too for the same reason.

This year we’re due to see Formula 1 visit Bahrain for the fourth race, but the certainty over whether the event will go ahead or not is still up in the air. Violent clashes continue to occur in the country, which puts into question the safety of everyone involved, including FIA personnel, the teams and drivers.

There’s also the question on whether the Formula One race would be good or not for Bahrain at this present time. Does the country have larger priorities than holding a major sports event, or would the race help to reunite the country and bring a large income?

The Bahrain Grand Prix is scheduled for the three days of the 20th to 22nd of April. Despite the race being so close, there has yet to be a final decision on whether F1 goes to the country. On Wednesday the Formula One Team’s Association explained that in their view, the FIA has the final say on whether the race goes ahead or not. But no one in the FIA is willing to make the decision just yet.

If Formula One skips the Bahrain leg of the season, there will be a four week gap between this Sunday’s race in China and the race in Spain. This is coming off a three week gap between Malaysia and China.

With all things considered, should the Bahrain race go ahead next week? Please share your thoughts in the poll below, and leave comments in the comments section.

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