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Monisha Kaltenborn the first female team boss in formula 1 history


Monisha Kaltenborn will become F1’s first ever female team boss. That is the revelation of Peter Sauber, who at the age of 68 has hinted he might call it a day before his 70th birthday.

Monisha Kaltenborn_and_Peter_Sauber The Indian born Monisha Kaltenborn, is the Sauber’s F1 Teams chief executive, while Peter Sauber remains the team principal. "I have always said that I will not be sitting on the pitwall as a 70 year old," Sauber told Der Sonntag newspaper. "With certainty, my successor is Monisha Kaltenborn. That is for sure. When it (the handover) will happen is still open. "She will be the first female team boss in formula one history," Sauber continued. "She’s been with us for 13 years, always with leading roles. I’m sure she will do the job very well." Sauber, in fact, has already departed the pitwall once before, when he sold his team to BMW and handed over to Mario Theissen. Somewhat reluctantly, he returned in 2010, having rescued the Hinwil based employees in the wake of German carmaker’s sudden withdrawal. "I could not jump into the breach a second time," smiled Sauber, hinting that his retirement this time around would be final.

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