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More than 50% of Germans think that Schumacher will retire this year from Formula 1


More than half of Michael Schumacher’s compatriots believe that the seven-time world champion will retire from Formula 1 at the end of this year.

Michael_Schumacher-SpanishGP01After spending three years away from the racing tracks the German driver decided that was time for a comeback and he signed a 3 year contract with Mercedes AMG.

SID news agency compiled a survey to see how many people believe that Schumacher will retire from F1 this year and 55.4 believe that the Kaiser will retire while 26.2 think that he will remain for at least one more year.

After 91 victories in Formula 1, Michael has only collected two points this year and he was forced to abandon in three out of the five races so far in 2012, while his teammate has been a lot more consistent and scored a great victory for Mercedes in China.

But not everyone thinks that Schumacher will quit. Telegraph respondent Tom Cary said:

I do not think we can write off Schumacher just yet. His pace was not bad and he started the season very well. He was unlucky in a couple of races, the wheel came loose while running second in China, where he could have scored a lot of points. He’s making mistakes in the wheel to wheel fights, but if he could win a race, or have a few good results we could see him continue in 2013.”

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