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Mercedes W03 making progress

Feb 27, 20121 Comment

  Mercedes was the last of the front runners to launch it’s new car for the formula1 2012 championship and they did it just a

‘W-Duct’ the Mercedes wing inno...

Feb 23, 2012No Comments

   About one week ago we asked if the new Mercedes W03 will be something special and also we pointed out that many people were

Schumacher might remain with Mercedes for 2...

Feb 22, 2012No Comments

  There is an unconfirmed rumour that Mercedes AMG Petronas team considers that it would be a good idea to give Michael Schumacher a contract

Mercedes is hiding something with W03

Feb 20, 2012No Comments

  Red Bull thinks that the new Mercedes single-seater W03 will bring an innovation which could be easily copied by it’s rivals, being the only

Mercedes W03 ready for Barcelona

Feb 18, 20121 Comment

  Mercedes AMG Petronas has made it’s new W03 shakedown this Thursday in Silverstone just before to pack up and head for Barcelona where it

Mercedes W03 teaser photo

Feb 15, 2012No Comments

Mercedes will be true to it’s word and will bring us the highly anticipated W03 in Barcelona by 21.02.2012: Image: © Mercedes AMG Petronas

Will the new W03 Mercedes be a revolution ?

Feb 10, 2012No Comments

  The last year unconfirmed news over the Mercedes W03 was that they managed to incorporate an passive F-Duct into their front wing, this wing

FIA banes reactive suspension system

Jan 21, 2012No Comments

  Now it’s been clear that in the past years FIA became an very indecisive organization, and 2012 starts with them doing the same, in