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Benjamin Hoyle to be sued by Mercedes


World champion team Mercedes on Tuesday confirmed reports it is suing an engineer.

The Bloomberg news agency claimed the engineer Benjamin Hoyle, working for the German marque’s F1 engine facility, took documents and data as he prepared to move to Ferrari.

Hoyle, who intends to join Ferrari after December, saved a 2015 Hungarian grand prix race report, engine data and code to decrypt race data, the report said.

“Mr Hoyle and potentially Ferrari have gained an unlawful advantage,” a filing, echoing an earlier espionage scandal in F1 involving McLaren and Ferrari, reportedly reads.

Mercedes is seeking to stop Hoyle’s move to Ferrari or any other team.

Mercedes confirmed: “Legal action is underway involving Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains Ltd and an employee.

“The company has taken the appropriate legal steps to protect its intellectual property.”

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