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Ferrari and snow don’t mix


Ferrari_Maranello_2012_1  Scuderia Ferrari is on for a “bad” start it seems, after failing to pass FIA’s crash test on it’s 1st attempt the Maranello team was forced to try a second time but this time with success only to see a streak of more “bad luck” continuing to harm the red team in it’s endeavors as the snow decided to interfere with the new F2012 car launch.

  Is not the first time and will not be the last when the weather will interfere with Ferrari’s plans but is certainly a disappointment not to see the official presentation of the car as it should be or the Passion Day event taking place. Ferrari has promised that the F2012 will be presented tomorrow but without the ceremony and the pictures and the interviews will be available to everyone interested thru Ferrari Official Website.

Ferrari_Maranello_2012_2  The situation on site seems to be more than simple since the Italian authorities in the area have deiced to close all the schools (on all levels) until at least 4th of February and the Fiorano track is building up a nice blanket of snow.

  All in all the decision to cancel the presentation seems to be right one since the access of more than 300 people to the Maranello facilities would not have been easy considering the snow and the fact that it continues to fall over the region.

Info & Images: © Ferrari

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