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Ferrari will bring to Melbourne a new chassis also


  According to Italian press Ferrari will bring a new chassis to Melbourne, and because of its modifications it may have to pass again FIA crash tests.

Alonso_F2012-Testing Well it seems that Red Bull will not be the only ones to bring a new car to the fight for the first round of 2012 Formula1 Championship and Ferrari is the team that will copy them while also looking like that top team that is already playing catch-up with its main rivals. In the last two days of test Red Bull had the opportunity to test the new chassis but Ferrari will fly it strait to Melbourne, but this will happen only if they will pass the new crash tests that Scuderia may have to take in order to comply with FIA regulations, at least this is what the Italian publication Gazzetta dello Sport is saying.

  Ferrari was forced to came up with an major upgrade after facing numerous problems in all three pre-season test sessions, the team hopped that a radical new design will give them the upper hand over the rivals but instead they’ve created a car which as Alonso said is very difficult to understand and set-up. Pat Fry, Ferrari’s technical director also voiced the opinion that F2012 will be unable to fight for a top three finish in Melbourne next week.

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