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Hamilton claims there is no need for talks with Rosberg following clash


Lewis Hamilton claimed his third Formula 1 title at the weekend with three races to spare, but there was a rather sour taste left on the tongue of the champion as he clashed with teammate Nico Rosberg following the end of the race.

Hamilton forced fellow Mercedes driver Rosberg into an early mistake, as both locked horns going into the first turn of the United States Grand Prix, a smart move from the Brit forced the German wide costing him four positions, and was something Rosberg later came out and described as “extremely aggressive”.

Post-race, with Hamilton understandably giddy after securing the F1 title, whilst Rosberg was still fuming following the opening corner, where he believed he should have been given the right of way by his teammate, tensions began to boil.

Before the pair went up to the podium to collect their accolades, Hamilton through the cap they needed to wear on to his lap – and this wasn’t something a foaming Rosberg was happy about. The video that emerged of this event happening sees Lewis turn his back on Nico after throwing him the cap, before the German launches the cap back at the Brit. – Hamilton remained calm, smirked a little and walked on.

Many claimed bad Sportsmanship on Rosberg’s behalf, but after the amount of training and effort he’d put in to become a champion himself, you can begin to understand that after the events of the race – and the longstanding feud between the two – that a reaction was always going to be possible, and you cannot berate him for showing that.

Hamilton says there is no need for the pair to hold talks about the incident in a press conference following his triumphant weekend.

“There is no need,” Hamilton mentioned. “Everyone has a right to an opinion but it doesn’t matter. I won the race. “I’ve seen Nico in lots of different lights over the years. The cap came past me and I’m like ‘no problem’. I’m completely oblivious to it but I understand.”

According to the Bookies.com site, who provide betting previews for each F1 race, Hamilton had been their favourite – even before the season had begun.

With Hamilton already the champion, will he step off the gas a little knowing so? Not for me, with the events of last weekend meaning he will want to be Rosberg three more times before the end of the season – and Bookies will almost certainly agree so too.

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