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Who could win the 2014 Formula One World Championship?


Should Sebastian Vettel prove victorious again in the 2015 Formula One Driver’s Championship this would make it his fifth title in a row – a remarkable record by anyone’s standards.

Sebastian_Vettel-RBR-2011Given how dominant he has been in recent seasons a good many punters at the start of the season saw him as a guarantee again for this year, however there have been a few blips this year already and he seems all but out of the race (pun not intended). Given this, it is worth considering at least a couple of other drivers when looking at who might win the 2014 Formula One World Championship.

Chief amongst them is Lewis Hamilton,who claimed the title in 2008, before Vettel began to get a stranglehold on it. The English driver will be really keen to win a second Championship, and some observers think that he – and his car – has the all-important edge this season. This is supported by 6/4 odds at the bookies, and he is definitely worth consideration if you are planning on gambling. Another possibility is teammate Nico Rosberg though, at 4/6, although he has yet to win the Driver’s Championship he is in pole position at the minute, despite fallouts with teammate Hamilton. If you cannot decide between these drivers, why not play online casino favourite Motor Slot Speed Machine instead for the time being?

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