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Force India releases VJM05 at Silverstone


Force_India-VJM05-01  This morning was a busy one for the Formula1 fans around the world, as they could watch online the Ferrari’s launch, and the most fortunate ones could go and see the brand new VJM05 being presented by Paul di Resta, Nico Hulkenberg and Jules Bianchi at Silverstone track.

Interviewed by The Sky Sports Paul said: “The momentum we had at the end of last year, hopefully we’ve managed to carry that over but I must say it is a fine piece of art. Hopefully when it gets to track it’ll be able to show what it’s capable of.”

Also about the car Gary Anderson the Autosport technical correspondent said the following: “I’m impressed and, including what I’ve seen of the Ferrari, this looks like the best overall package yet. The car looks very good in all areas. The exhausts are a bit non-commital, but that can change easily.”

Sahara Force India F1 Team has not released much info about the car but we will present to you any updates we might learn as quickly as they will become available but instead Force India was very kind with the pictures of the new car and here are some of the best shots on the new VJM05 challenger and the guys that will drive the new beast:

Force_India-VJM05-02 Force_India-VJM05-03 Force_India-VJM05-04

Force_India-VJM05-05 Force_India-VJM05-06 Force_India-VJM05-07

Force_India-VJM05-08 Force_India-VJM05-09 Force_India-VJM05-10

Force_India-VJM05-13 Force_India-VJM05-11 Force_India-VJM05-14

Images: © Sahara Force India F1 Team

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