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Party like an F1 winner


Whether you know a lot or a little about Formula 1 racing, there are certain names that you’ll just know by reputation – either down to their success or down to their notorious lifestyles.

Casino_Monte_CarloAfter all, who’s richer than a successful F1 driver? You don’t have to follow the sport to know that Jenson Button, he of the handsome face and winning smile, goes through model girlfriends at a rate of knots and has scored some pretty lucrative adverts over the years, beaming his face to everyone, fans or not.

Coulthard’s model looks and playboy personality also won him some non F1 fans a few years ago, thanks at least in part to his glittering career – he did win 13 Grand Prix over 15 seasons, so he must have had something going for him more than his piercing blue eyes and jutting jawline.

And what about Lewis Hamilton? Baby faced looks, an amazing successful career and a Pussycat Doll as his girlfriend – these guys have it all. Money, fame, looks and girls and, of course, the Grand Prix season takes them all over the world to beautiful and exotic locations. Have you ever wondered what they do with their immense wealth when they’re not racing?

Kimi Raikkonen turned the 2013 competition upside down when he won the Australian Grand Prix a few weeks ago – and that was after he’d taken two years off F1 racing. He finished first for Lotus, ahead of Alonso (Ferrari) and Vettel (Red Bull Racing Renault). Hamilton was back in fifth for Mercedes and Button in ninth for McLaren-Mercedes.

Now Raikkonen is regarded as a bit of an enigma – not for him gushing speeches following spectacular performances but we’re willing to bet he went out and celebrated with all the style his money and fame could bring after his victory.

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