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The Fast Paced Action at the Grand Prix Events


Since the time man made wheels, things have changed for the good. He has then gone ahead to make vehicles with this and hastened the pace of travel.

When the first car was out on the roads, people were simply amazed and since then there has been no turning back. Many worldwide brands came up with some of the best models one would ever see.

Cars were not just made to travel but were then made to travel fast. This then slowly got evolved into fast machines which also had to look good. The obsession that man developed with speed led to the various race cars coming into existence. He has always gone overdrive with it and that has been quite costly many times. But the need for speed is the basic foundation on which great sports events like F1 races are developed.

The F1 races are like the Holy Grail for cars. Here one gets tested at a global level. The level of perfection in the work by all that are related to this event is simply amazing. Be it the performance of the cars or the performance of the drivers, it is simply heart warming. But maintaining these cars is not even close to being an easy job. One has to always be on the toes.

The mechanics in the Pit stop are always busy and ready to tackle whatever hardships the car is going to put towards them. The lights are an important part of a car and one simply cannot compromise with it.

Most of the times changing the headlights of the F1 cars can be quite a challenge. What makes it more of a challenge is the fact that one has to do it in just a matter of seconds. Sounds challenging! To do this the first thing to do is to open the hood of the car.

One will have to remove the bolts on the assembly of the headlights with a wrench. Depending on the make, this may have one or two bolts to deal with. As soon as this is done, the headlight assembly can be slid out to the front of the car. Clockwise turning of the bulb will make it loose and one can take it out easily.

Once this is done it is just a piece of cake. One can just pull the bulb out of the socket and take it out. Once you have the good bulb in hand you can easily replace it and turn the bulb clockwise to make sure that it remains tight and intact. Then replace the bulb into the socket and then you can screw it up with a wrench so that it remains the way it was.

If required then the same can be done on the other side. But the main factor which makes it exciting is the lack of time. One can see all this being done in just a matter of seconds. Hurry and grab Austin Grand prix packages to see these events live and feel the thrill.

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Kenneth is a race enthusiast. He has been following this sport since she was a little child, and has achieved quite an extensive knowledge on the same. He also writes blogs about the races, their best packages and other things that surround the event. Read her blog to know more about Austin Grand Prix packages.

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